Budget Act Favors “Special” Businesses Budget Act Favors “Special” Businesses
Budget Act Favors “Special” Businesses

Budget Act Favors “Special” Businesses

Budget Act Favors “Special” Businesses

by Steve Eastman, CleanTV

Imagine how a well-known comedian might handle the new budget act on his late night TV show.

Folks, if you thought Barack Obama and his pals hate business, think again.   It really depends on what kind of business.  He’s just signed the impossible bill that barely keeps us from going down the fiscal cliff.  And get this.  Your sacrifices are helping to pay for tax credits to certain “special” businesses.   Here’s tonight’s Top Five List of favored industries counting down to Number One.

Number Five — a $7 million credit for qualified electric motor vehicles.  Boy, that should make the people who lost their jobs manufacturing gasoline powered cars happy!

Number Four — $78 million dollars for motorsports.  Keep the fans happy.  Maybe they won’t notice what’s happening to the real economy.

Number Three — a $119 million credit for Indian employment.  Hm.  What about the other minorities and the rest of us?

Number Two — $222 million for accelerated depreciation for business property on Indian reservations, like casinos I guess .  Notice a pattern here?

And Number One — $222 million to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for a temporary increase in cover on rum excise tax revenues.  Whoah, what a priority!
I’m not kidding folks.  Democrats never could have done it without the help of Republican stooges.  Now we’re supposed to be relieved?  This bill’s a real porker.  Tell me, where’s the Tea Party when you need them.

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