Obama and Romney Do Lunch, Disaster Looms Obama and Romney Do Lunch, Disaster Looms
Obama and Romney Do Lunch, Disaster Looms

Obama and Romney Do Lunch, Disaster Looms

Obama and Romney Do Lunch, Disaster Looms

by Steve Eastman, CleanTV

Obama and Romney had lunch the other day, with America teetering on the brink of financial ruin. We’re not exactly sure what they discussed, but we do know they enjoyed turkey chili and chicken salad.  

But seriously folks, they should have been talking about the economy.  We officially have a $16 trillion national debt, which is roughly the amount of money Americans and their businesses earn in a year.  And remember the ongoing shortfalls plaguing Social Security, Medicare and government pensions.  As it appears now, Democrats don’t want any cuts and too many Republicans just want to cooperate.

While we’re on the subject of Obama and Romney getting together, what’s up with concession speeches?  I know it’s a long established tradition.  But if Mr. Obama and his policies were not good for the country before the election, they still aren’t good after he’s declared the winner.  That means Mr. Romney should stick to heart-felt principles.  But were they heart felt?

When I started covering the news for radio, I learned a valuable lesson from my boss, who is now an anchor for National Public Radio.  He told me that those two lawyers at each other’s throats in the courtroom, go out for a beer together after work.  They’re not really enemies, just good actors.  In a similar way, Obama and Romney play their roles rather well.
But getting back to the national debt, we can talk all we want about cutting expenses and raising taxes.  We are still ignoring the elephant in the room — the Federal Reserve — a private cartel that controls the value of money, a privilege that the Constitution reserves for Congress.  

I learned how it works one April 15th while hosting a radio talk show.  My guest explained that when Congress is running low on funds, it asks the Federal Reserve for help.  “Of course,” says the person on the other end of the line, who presses a button on his computer and creates $100 billion out of thin air.  Then we are obligated to pay that money back plus interest.  Just think how easily we could wipe out the national debt if the Supreme Court were to declare the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 unconstitutional.  

Don’t expect any President to promote such a plan.  Just before John F. Kennedy was scheduled to reveal this very secret, he was assassinated.

So what if we just allow America to plunge off the fiscal cliff?  Can any good come out of that?  The public might wake up.  On the other hand, Obama could win a third term like Franklin Roosevelt, who also thumbed his nose at the Constitution.

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