Book Review:  “Earthing” Book Review:  “Earthing”
Book Review:  “Earthing”

Book Review: “Earthing”

Book Review:  “Earthing”

by Steve Eastman, Faith Issues

Some of the best medical and other scientific advances are not part of a continuously evolving understanding.  Sometimes advances come in quantum leaps. As a former cable television entrepreneur, Clint Ober was in an ideal thinking-outside-of-the-box position to discover what may be the best anti-oxidant ever:  the Earth itself.

“Earthing” is the story of Ober’s discovery, which was prompted by his recovery from a nearly fatal health condition.  The successful businessman had developed a badly abscessed liver after a root canal.  It took months for him to recover following experimental surgery, but this provided an opportunity for Ober to reassess priorities.  So, he disposed of most of his property and set out on the road in an RV, looking for a purpose in life.

That purpose came in 1997 when Ober was camped in Key Largo, Florida. These words popped into his mind: “Become an opposite charge.”  To keep a long story short, this phrase clicked with his experience in the cable industry where each installation had to be literally grounded in the earth for proper operation.  The earth is a reservoir of negative charges, and this connection sets the system to ground potential.

Ober reasoned that human beings also need to be grounded to operate efficiently.  In the past, this was automatic when people went barefoot, slept on the ground or wore shoes with leather rather than rubber or plastic soles.
Here’s another perspective.  Scientists tell us the number one cause of aging is damage by free radicals in our cells.   These are molecules that have lost one or more electrons and that try to reclaim the loss by stealing negative charges from their neighbors.  Now what if a person is barefoot or otherwise connected to the earth?  The excess electrons move into his body and neutralize the free radicals.

So much for theory.  What about results?  “Earthing” contains many testimonials from individuals who are sleeping better, experiencing reduced inflammation and healing quicker from injuries.  The list goes on.  It should be mentioned, each person has individualized results.  It seems many experience quick relief.  For others, the process can be more gradual.

Exactly how does a person “Earth?”  Walking barefoot outside for at least thirty minutes is one way, if conditions permit.  Ober has also developed sheets that connect to the ground plug of electrical outlets.  A word of caution — not all electrical outlets are grounded, but they can be tested by an inexpensive device.  An advantage of the sheets is that a person may conveniently be grounded all night while sleeping.  “Earthing” offers several other grounding options.

In the beginning, it was Clint Ober against the medical establishment.  But now, more and more doctors are confirming his results.  When you come to think about it, grounded or “earthed” is the natural state that civilization left behind, resulting in illnesses that were previously uncommon.  God intended that there be a close relationship between people and this planet.  Thanks to “Earthing,” we’re beginning to discover what that means.

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