Republican Leaders Have It All Figured Out Republican Leaders Have It All Figured Out
Republican Leaders Have It All Figured Out

Republican Leaders Have It All Figured Out

Republican Leaders Have It All Figured Out

by Joseph Farah, WND

This is a summary of an editorial this week by Joseph Farah, founder and publisher of

The silver lining under the dark cloud of the Republican debacle of 2012 is that the so-called “leaders” have it all figured as to what went wrong.

These leaders — the same ones who selected Mitt Romney as the nominee of the party  — believe success in the future means they need to be the ones to pick nominees for the Senate, rather than leaving that up to Republican voters.

In other words, they still believe they lost the unloseable election to the most failed president in American history because of Todd Akin.  Never mind the fact that they lost every Senate race where their chosen candidate got the nomination.  They were just too hands off in 2012. They don’t plan to make that “mistake” again in 2014.

Isn’t that good news?

Seriously, there are several people who have to go if the Republican Party is to reinvent itself in a way that will allow it to be more competitive in future elections: Mitch McConnnell is one.  John Boehner is another.  And Karl Rove is the third member of the arrogant, self-interested triumvirate.

McConnell and Boehner, for instance, are tripping over themselves to accommodate Barack Obama in his second term — offering up support for “comprehensive immigration reform,” a euphemism for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens who will vote Democratic in 2014 and 2016, raising the debt limit again to ensure Obamacare is funded and not even considering how this complicity will position the Republicans as a non-viable alternative to the Democrats in future elections.

And notice how the Democrat-loving media cheerleaders are loving and applauding and encouraging every self-destructive move the Republican establishment is making in the aftermath of the election.

And in the absence of any conservative Republican choices, why should voters choose a liberal Democrat wannabee when they can have a real liberal Democrat?

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