A Review of David Flynn’s "Cydonia:  The Secret Chronicles of Mars" A Review of David Flynn’s "Cydonia:  The Secret Chronicles of Mars"
A Review of David Flynn’s "Cydonia:  The Secret Chronicles o

A Review of David Flynn’s "Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles o

A Review of David Flynn’s "Cydonia:  The Secret Chronicles of Mars"

by Steve Eastman, Faith Issues

Just as the church has abandoned the movie industry, allowing ungodly voices to have all the say, the church has largely abandoned the study of ufology and related fields to secular people.  Things have started to change in the entertainment industry and, thanks to researcher David Flynn, Christians are beginning  to seek God’s answers to what many still consider forbidden questions.

An obvious question is why should Christians care about unidentified flying objects, mythology and ancient megaliths?  If David Flynn were still alive he might say these fields will have a direct impact on the events of the next few years, so it is important to understand them properly.
On July 25, 1976 the Viking I probe sent the shocking image of a Face on Mars back to earth.  Flynn called it a monument, although NASA tried to explain it away as a trick of shadows.  The main trouble with the space agency’s explanation is that it fails to account for a nearby collection of apparent pyramid-like structures oriented in much the same way as pyramids in Egypt.

Cydonia draws heavily upon mythology — mostly Egyptian, Greek and Roman, but also native North and South American.  All these cultures have common elements, especially the story of a Great Flood, but unlike the reliable, inspired record in the Bible, they represent distortions of an event in mankind’s memory.  Flynn’s goal was to uncover the common truth behind the distortions.

In each of these cultures we may find stories of gods coming down to earth and having sexual relations with human females, a distorted reference to the Genesis 6 account of the sons of God taking wives from the daughters of men, resulting in the hybrid Nephilim, of which Goliath was a later example.

There are several other aspects to Flynn’s work that are shocking at first, but upon closer examination seem very compelling.
Flynn was an advocate of the Gap Theory, a school of interpretation that sees a gap in time between God’s original act of creation in Genesis 1:1 and a continuation of the process in succeeding verses.  It was popular in the late 1800s because it accommodated science’s geologic age scale nicely.  While that doesn’t seem to be Flynn’s primary justification for the theory, it does provide a convenient place to assign the fall of satan and other wicked angels.
Now we come to the second shocking interpretation.  That fall was from a destroyed planet — alternatively named Rhab,  Asteria and Krypton — and from its closest planetary neighbor  — Mars.  The theory of a doomed planet that exploded, resulting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter has been around for a while, but Flynn is one of the first to identify it as an abode of angels.   

By now you may be wondering what does this have to do with us today.    Flynn feared that NASA, which was largely founded by Mystery School devotee Jack Parsons, will soon reveal the secret of ancient life on Mars, instead of explaining it away like it did with the Face on Mars.  The goal would be to convince us to accept the ancient gods (fallen angels) as legitimate, in support of the final anti-Christ.  The Christian church today is unequipped to deal with such a discovery.  Many would walk away from the faith.

Is David Flynn correct in all his interpretations?  Probably not, I found some details I disagreed with.  You may find more.  But he presents a viewpoint that we need to consider.  I suspect he is much more correct than most of the rest of us.

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David Flynn died January 22, 2012 at age 49, after a short bout with cancer.  Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars was recently republished as part of The David Flynn Collection by Tom Horn’s Defense Publishing. 

Visit the book's webpage.
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