Book Review:  “The David Flynn Collection” Book Review:  “The David Flynn Collection”
Book Review:  “The David Flynn Collection”

Book Review: “The David Flynn Collection”

Book Review:  “The David Flynn Collection”

by Steve Eastman, CleanTV

“I have been able to see further because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.”  Isaac Newton said that about himself, but it also applies to David Flynn, who stood on the shoulders of Newton.  

That’s the basis of Flynn’s Temple at the Center of Time, part one of a two-book set, bound as a single volume.  The very title sounds like it could be the name of an episode of Doctor Who.  I need to emphasize Temple at the Center of Time is not science fiction, but it does resonate with people who like to think outside the dusty box.

For example, I bet you haven’t heard this before.  Flynn reveals that the distances from various world capitals, past and present, to the site of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, point to a historic date involving each country.  Take Babylon.  It fell in 539 BC.  According to Flynn, “If you go from Babylon and you extend a line to Jerusalem, where the Temple Mount is, you find that it’s 539 statute miles.”  That’s starting from the site of Belshazzar’s palace.

Flynn gives another numerical example, not involving a date, but a number I’m sure you’ll recognize.  This time he measured from the famous Kaaba stone in the Mecca mosque “the holiest place for Islam and then you go to Judaism’s holiest site, the site of the Temple Mount where the Holiest of Holies was, and it’s exactly 666 nautical miles.”  What was that?  “It’s absolutely perfect to the foot.”

Like Temple at the Center of Time, Cydonia, the second book in the volume, will also appeal to sci-fi fans, but remember it is not science fiction.  Ever hear of the Face on Mars?  The Viking I probe sent the picture to earth on July 25, 1976.  Flynn called it a monument, although NASA tried to explain it away as a trick of shadows.  The main trouble with the space agency’s explanation is that it fails to account for a nearby collection of apparent pyramid-like structures oriented in much the same way as pyramids in Egypt.  While some secular visionaries think ancient astronauts came to earth to alter man’s evolution, Flynn points us to Genesis chapter 6, where fallen angels had sexual relations with women, spawning the Nephilim.

Even the Appendix of The David Flynn Collection should capture your interest.  For example, when you divide the longitude of the Roswell crash site by its latitude, you get the irrational number π.  Still sound like an accident to you?  Flynn had a talent for discovering more than his share of coincidences.

David Flynn died at age 49 this past January, leaving behind a vast written legacy, enabling us to see further because we are standing on the shoulders of a giant.

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