US Out of the Mideast Now! US Out of the Mideast Now!
US Out of the Mideast Now!

US Out of the Mideast Now!

US Out of the Mideast Now!

by Joseph Farah, WND

This is a condensed version of a WND editorial appearing on September 17, 2012. Watch the video below and read the complete version in under Between the Lines on the Opinion/Commentary page for September 4th.

It couldn’t be more clear.  US military and diplomatic presence in the Arab Middle East does more harm than good.

It’s time to pull up stakes.  Barack Obama is in no position to defend our interests there. I’m talking about oil and Israel.

America has oil reserves in excess of those of Saudi Arabia.  We should drill, build refineries and construct the Candiaan pipeline.  We don’t need the blood, aggravation and hatred that come with Arab oil.

America is no longer a blessing to Israel.  It has become a curse.  The US treats Israel like a pariah state that does not have the same right to defend itself as any other sovereign nation.

While we’re at it, let’s end all foreign aid — to the entire world.  It’s not constitutional and we don’t have the money.

You’re right.  This is neo-isolationism.  What choice do we have?  The man in the White House seems genuinely surprised at the results of acting on the behest of Muslim Brotherhood fanatics.  His undermining of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Moammar Ghadafy in Libya has backfired in the form of attacks on US embassies.

Obama would not recognize an ally if one came knocking on his door — just ask Benjamin Netanyahu.  And Obama doesn’t even know if Egypt is an ally or foe. His Mideast policy — like all his foreign and domestic policies — seems calculated to bring America down.  Obama is reaping what Obama has sown.

But I want to raise America up, which we can’t do by meddling with people who want to kill us.  Here’s an action plan we need to follow now:

•  Shut the borders to any new Muslim immigration so this kind of madness does not come to our shores.
•  Develop our own natural resources in North America so we are no longer dependent on the barbarians.
•  Work strategically as an equal partner with Israel, not as a bully.

Barack Obama’s polices in the Middle East are setting the stage for at least a regional war.  Let’s get out now and watch the fanatics seethe in their own anger, turning on each other, instead of spilling American blood.  

Israel is quite prepared to take care of itself. We should simply give them our blessing and sell them all the arms and munitions they need.

That’s my solution to what’s happening in the Mideast — simple, neat and clean.

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