High Moments from Obama’s Youth High Moments from Obama’s Youth
High Moments from Obama’s Youth

High Moments from Obama’s Youth

High Moments from Obama’s Youth

by Steve Eastman, CleanTV

What’s the difference between the Clinton and Obama experience with marijuana?  We all “know” Clinton never inhaled, but according to a book scheduled to be released on June 19th, Obama inhaled a lot.

Barack Obama: The Story purportedly fills in some of the gaps in the life of one of the most controversial men to occupy the White House.  Author David Maraniss has included photos that back up his case, taken during Obama’s high school days in Hawaii and during his stay at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Let’s took a look at some of the claims of the book.

Obama was a member of the Choom gang in high school.  In case you’re not an expert in 1970’s drug culture, choom is slang for “to smoke marijuana.”  Barry, as he was known at the time, popularized something called “roof hits.”  That’s where a bunch of kids get in a car, light up, roll up the windows to keep in the pot smoke, and tilt their heads back to savor the last whiff of smoke.

On a related matter, the Choom gang had zero tolerance for wasting good “bud” smoke, as they called it.  So, if you exhaled prematurely, you were penalized and missed the next round of the joint.  

Nowadays, Obama is known for taking the initiative, like when he sends out troops without waiting for a declaration of war.  Back then he didn’t always wait for his turn either.  He often grabbed the passing joint and yelled, “Intercepted.”  Members of his political party, excuse me, I mean gang, didn’t seem to mind.

And let’s not forget the so-called Annex Olympics at Haines Hall, of Occidental College.  Some of the events included wrestling in underwear, boxing while drunk, tipping over the Coke machine and a two-man event — pot smoking from a three-foot bong.  You may ask why was this a two-man event?   Let’s put it this way — someone had to follow the order, “Hey, Dude, light the bowl.”

All these stories we’ve just mentioned come from David Maraniss’ book.  Are they true?  Normally, we would like to give the other side the opportunity to respond, but we know Barack Obama does not like to talk about those years.  So, Mr. Dude-in-Chief, if you have a change of heart, please leave a comment after this video.

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