Remembering Wade Taylor Remembering Wade Taylor
Remembering Wade Taylor

Remembering Wade Taylor

Remembering Wade Taylor

by Steve Eastman

Wade Taylor passed away February 29th after a heart attack, but it was not his first trip to heaven.  

Although I had probably heard of him for many years, what really got my attention was a friend who considered Wade a mentor.  I valued my friend’s intimacy with the Lord and wanted to meet the man who inspired him to seek more.

I had my chance in 2009.  I learned Wade Taylor would be at a conference near Greensboro, North Carolina.  As I journalist, I was always looking for stories that would show what God is doing in the world today.

I’ve met a number of famous Christian leaders in my time, but there were only two who radiated the presence of the Lord as much as this minister in his 80s.  I could tell Wade spoke from his personal experience with the Lord.

“But later that fall, I was literally caught up to the throne.  It was not a vision.  I was there.  I stood before God, faced Him and there was a powerful impartation in my heart and life, so much so, that it took me two weeks to get straightened to get back to earth and get reverted.  I couldn’t function.”

That experience eventually led to Wade founding Pinecrest Bible Training Center, after spending time at another school. Pinecrest needed land, so Wade wrote to Pat Robertson, who just happened to have some in upstate New York.

“Dear Pat,
You don’t know me and I don’t know you.  I have a burden for this property, but I’m not quite sure what to do.  And I just felt led to let you know.”

"He called me on the phone.  I went to see him and I received a one-year lease, which became a deed."

One of Wade’s biggest spiritual adventures occurred when he was out of town with some friends.  The people they were staying with had just bought a new TV.  When his pals decided to check it out, Wade went upstairs and opened his Bible.

“When I started to read and then literally I was translated into the Song of Solomon.  I became the Song of Solomon.  I lived the life of the bridegroom.  I felt what he felt.  I desired what he desired.  Then I became the Bride.  I had all the feelings that she had, what she went through.  I felt it.  I lived it.  And then I became the daughters of Jerusalem and felt what they felt and understood what they understood.  This lasted for hours.”

In the 1970s Wade gave a series of messages about this experience at Rock Church in Virginia Beach, which became the basis of his book, The Secret of the Stairs.

In recent years, Wade split his time between Greensboro and Washington, DC, where he interceded for the city.

“The main spirit over Washington, DC is the spirit of confusion.  Politicians come to DC with all kinds of ideas, and they don’t do any of them.  Because the spirit of confusion is so powerful, they do everything but what they said they were going to do and things change.  That spirit has got to be brought down and there’s coming a Kingdom of God.”

Since I met Wade, my wife and I have invited him to minister in our city a couple of times.  And he’s been a guest in our home.  My friends and I are really going to miss him, but we’re thankful we learned from his intimacy with God.  And it’s good to know Wade Taylor is now enjoying his reward.

Listen to Steve Eastman as he remember Wade Taylor
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