Thankless Job? No Worries!! by Christy McGlothlin

Thankless Job? No Worries!!

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a ladies meeting listening to a speaker with tears running down your cheeks thinking about how this woman understands your very soul and essence and all of the struggles you deal with daily, hourly, by the minute and second? Do you picture yourself in your home with your precious little children playing, house a mess, dinner cooking, dishes everywhere, feeling less than attractive and more than mildly out of control of your surroundings?

Oh, I know that we do occasionally achieve those times where our house is clean, the kitchen and bathrooms are spotless, the kids are playing and laughing together, and we sit back with a contented sigh and marvel at the beauty of our lives. But this isn’t where we live day to day, and when we find someone who can verbalize the vast areas of our heart where we feel empty or lacking, we melt like putty and our tears fall freely to the floor.

That’s not such a bad place to be after all. The lesson we may learn from those moments is just how valuable we really are, despite the fact that we don’t receive the positive reinforcement moment by moment, especially when we are dealing with a toddler’s fits or an angry teenager. We may feel more empty, more alone, and wonder why we spend the time doing tasks that seem to be so easily undone. Somewhere in your heart you know that your job as a wife and mother takes love, creativity, patience, wisdom, godly character and so much more. You know that your calling is a high and noble one, a calling that can change the world for the good or bad, a calling that can, through others, bring many to Christ.

Yes, our daily tasks can seem thankless, but look to the one who created you to be exactly where you are, doing exactly what you are doing right now. Consider the value God places on the little ones in your care and assign that value to yourself and to your husband. God has given you the amazing task of doing the job that only you can do: loving your children and training them in righteousness and being the lover and faithful supporter and helper to the one God has yoked you with for life. Who else can fulfill these roles? No one. God gave you a big job that’s worth a lot…in His currency. Live well knowing that our God values you, He values your existence, He values your friendship, and He values your willingness and enthusiasm to be His hands and His feet to those He has placed in your care. You are greatly loved and cherished every day, minute, hour and second by the One who matters most.

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