Manna, Quail, and Water From a Rock, by Melissa Gibbs

Manna, Quail, and Water From a Rock, Exodus 16-19

I hope you had a chance to look on-line at some of the articles related to the evidence for the Red Sea crossing. I don't know why the link won't highlight, but it's worth typing it in for yourself or googling it. JD's Granny actually sent an awesome slide show presentation on the subject, but I can't figure out how to attach a document to a post. But take my word for it, there is exciting and compelling proof for the historical reality of this extravagant miracle. And as if parting the Red Sea were not enough, God had several other miracles in store for His people...the daily provision of manna and quail. The key thing about this provision, is that the Israelites were to take only what they needed for that day's sustenance (daily bread) and to trust God to provide for the future. To hoard the food was to reveal a heart that was self-reliant instead of God-dependent. Supernatural provision would have been the only possible means of sustaining two million people in the desert for 40 years.

The next section of our reading was a brief description of the Israelites first battle with the people inhabiting the Promised Land. Remember, the Hebrews were former slaves, only very recently gaining their freedom and having no idea how to engage in battle. But Moses and his staff had taken part in some amazing miracles, so it must have been a natural course of action to raise the staff in battle. The cool part of this anecdote is the illustration of a leader being supported by those around him so that the work of the Lord would be carried out. Whenever Moses got tired of holding up his arms, Aaron and Hur held his arms up for him. We all need people like that in our lives..people who help us stay in the battle when our strength is gone. And just as importantly, we need to be such a person for others.

Next, Jethro shows up with Moses wife and sons. Though the Bible does not mention it, t is presumed that they were sent back home immediately after Zipporah performed the circumcision on their son, as he would have needed time to recuperate which traveling would not allow. I hadn't noticed they were missing, had you?

Hope you guys are sticking with it. I've heard it takes 30 days to form a habit, so we should be there!

About Melissa Gibbs:

 Melissa is the mother of four boys and the wife of her junior high sweetheart, JD.  He is the President of Joe Gibbs Racing and the son of NFL Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs.  JD and Melissa have been married 16 years and are actively involved with Young Life, Motor Racing Outreach, their church, and other ministries.  Their youngest son Taylor is nearing completion of a 3 year treatment protocol for leukemia, which has been a powerful faith walk for their family.  Since his diagnosis, Melissa has been called upon to share their family's testimony with many local churches.

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