Crossing the Red Sea, by Melissa Gibbs

Crossing the Red Sea, Exodus 13-15:21

God laid out the ten plagues in Egypt so that the Israelites would know that He was Lord. Interestingly, verse 13:4 sets up God's plan for the defeat of the pursuing Egyptian army via the parting of the Red Sea, and ends with "after this the Egyptians will know that I am Lord". No doubt God has His eye on Israel at this point in time, but He is always working in the world at large. Many Egyptians actually did end up believing and left with the Israelites in the Exodus. Verse 12:38 describes "a rabble of non-Israelites" who went with them.

Just before the Red Sea is parted, God tells Moses to raise his hand over the sea and divide the water so that the Israelites could walk through on dry ground. What I like about this, is that God requests Moses' participation, not because He needed help but because Moses' leadership needed to be solidified... in his own heart and in the hearts of the people. This is the way God continues to work today. He does not need our help to accomplish His purposes, but He chooses to use us for our benefit. We get the privilege of partnering with God when we allow ourselves to be used by Him.

God knew that Pharoah would be so full of pride and rage at the thought of the escaping Israelites, (his former slaves and the source of the recent plagues), that he would pursue them. Again, the text reads "I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians", but remember that this indicates responsibility only to the extent that God set up the situation that brought about the hardening. In other words, He set the ball in motion.

The parting of the Red Sea is one of the most spectacular of all recorded miracles of God. I had heard somewhere in the past that archaeological evidence had been found to prove the historicity of this miracle, so I decided to google it. Lots of articles came up, not all of them convinced by this particular finding, but there has been a significant discovery that has to be linked to the parting of the red Sea. I will paste the site that had the most photographs below so that you can check it out with your own eyes! The Egyptian government will not allow any of the artifacts to be removed, so photographs are the only proof that can be offered. Forty years ago, however, a chariot wheel was brought up from the bottom (about 800 yards deep) and presented to the director of Egyptian Antiquities. This man is on videotape authenticating the wheel as being 18th dynasty Egypt, roughly 1400 BC, which is right in the middle of the two possible dates given in our Bible for the Exodus! Very cool! The pictures on the site are amazing, particularly the golden chariot wheel which appears almost new. My first thought was that it had to be fake to be in such pristene condition, but I read that coral does not grow on gold which explains why it looks untouched by the millenia. Another interesting finding was a distinct pathway spanning the 10 mile breadth of the sea. It is much more shallow than the surrounding water which reaches 1 mile in depth, and has a gradual slope at the edges as opposed to the steep drop-off elsewhere along the coast. It is in this area that the chariot wheels and human remains have been found.

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