What's In It For Me? By Melissa Gibbs

What's In It For Me? Job 35-37

Of everything in today's reading about the majesty of God, this short series of comments by Elihu got my attention...
"For you also ask, 'What's in it for me? What's the use of living a righteous life?" and "Look up into the sky and see the clouds high above you. If you sin, how does that affect God?"... "If you are good, is this some great gift to Him?'... "No, your sins affect only people like yourself and your good deeds also affect only humans".

What Elihu seems to say is that God is oblivious to the way we live our lives...so high above us that our comings and goings couldn't possibly be of any interest or value. But we know that our sins do affect God, for we are told a multitude of times throughout Scripture that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are grieved over the sins of man. And as for our good deeds mattering only to humans, remember that Jesus explained to His disciples that when they feed the hungry, clothe the poor, visit the sick, etc. they are doing those things for Him..."whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for Me". So what's in it for me, if I live a righteous life? God's glory. It's not about me anyway is it, "Purpose Driven Life" readers? But make no mistake. God is not aloof. He is very much invested in our lives. So much so that He is willing to let us suffer if it means we will grow closer to Him and live a more fruitful life. My favorite verse in this reading, which I starred last year as well, is verse 35:15, "but by means of their suffering, he rescues those who suffer for he gets their attention through adversity".

I wish I had time to outline for you the 45 minute talk I give on this topic, but for those who do not know my story, I have a young child with leukemia. He has been in treatment for over 3 years now and is in remission. The growth in my relationships with God and others as well as the unparalleled fruitfulness that accompanied this trial, are evidence to me that suffering truly does have a beautiful, refining quality to it. God intends that trials draw us close to Him. He intends for hard times to rescue us. Job, good man though he is, is being refined. I recently wrote down a great quote and cannot for the life of me remember the source. Here it is anyway... "It is only the gold that is worth putting into the fire. Anything else would be consumed."

About Melissa Gibbs:

 Melissa is the mother of four boys and the wife of her junior high sweetheart, JD.  He is the President of Joe Gibbs Racing and the son of NFL Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs.  JD and Melissa have been married 16 years and are actively involved with Young Life, Motor Racing Outreach, their church, and other ministries.  Their youngest son Taylor is nearing completion of a 3 year treatment protocol for leukemia, which has been a powerful faith walk for their family.  Since his diagnosis, Melissa has been called upon to share their family's testimony with many local churches.

 Visit Melissa at http://chronologicalbiblein2010.blogspot.com/

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