Job's Self Defense, by Melissa Gibbs

Job's Self Defense, Job 30-31

In this discourse, Job describes his status as an outcast and goes on to list the myriad of reasons he does not deserve such treatment. Reading Job's resume' of righteousness, got me to thinking about whether or not he was "innocent", as he claimed. There is some debate about this, since the word initially used to describe him in Job 1, is taken from the Hebrew word "tam", meaning "perfect". Though "perfect and complete" is the word's primary meaning, it has two other definitions. It can mean "sound or wholesome" or "having integrity". It is translated "blameless" in our version, which does not equal "sinless". The intent is that Job was beyond reproach, not open to criticism, and upright before men. Being in such standing among mankind is honorable, but does not equate to a right standing before God. From other Scriptures, we know that "there is no one righteous, no not one" and there are no exceptions listed for Job. So, he was not truly sinless.

Now, did Job think he was sinless? I couldn't find anything about that, but it sure seems so. Remember that in this culture, religion was very works-based. It was not until Jesus came that we learned that our relationship with God was to be grounded in faith instead of works. And that He looked at the heart rather than the outward appearance (behavior). So if Job considered his standing before God solely on the basis of his deeds, he does appear to be in good shape. He may well have thought himself completely blameless before God, even though we now know that this is not humanly possible. Job needed a Savior just as much as we do, since our righteousness before God is not graded on the curve! You are either perfect, as Jesus was/is, or you are a sinner. No in-betweens.

About Melissa Gibbs:

Melissa is the mother of four boys and the wife of her junior high sweetheart, JD.  He is the President of Joe Gibbs Racing and the son of NFL Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs.  JD and Melissa have been married 16 years and are actively involved with Young Life, Motor Racing Outreach, their church, and other ministries.  Their youngest son Taylor is nearing completion of a 3 year treatment protocol for leukemia, which has been a powerful faith walk for their family.  Since his diagnosis, Melissa has been called upon to share their family's testimony with many local churches.

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