What’s the Takeaway From Mexican President’s Speech to Congress?

Last week, before a joint session of Congress, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon twisted the illegal-immigration-slash-drug-war debate into a little tighter knot of complexity, taking the opportunity to follow up his thanks to the U.S. for its hundreds of millions of dollars in drug-fighting aid with a plea for the U.S. to get its act together on guns.

Needless to say, it rubbed many Americans the wrong way, including some pro-gun Democrats who bristled at Calderon’s request for the U.S. to consider reinstating the assault-weapons ban.

But while political experts banter about the blame for the war on drugs, and whether or not the Obama administration’s ordering of 1,200 National Guard troops to the border this week is enough, one unique expert offers a completely different perspective on the situation.

Derek Steele, is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker and author of the new book, Addict at 10, and through his own unusual experiences in the oppressive world of drugs dating all the way back to his childhood, he sees this debate from the inside out.

In fact, Steele grew up in a town near the U.S.–Mexican border, and has watched the drug trade become far more violent over the years, compared to when he was a participant. But he also knows the power that drugs can wield over people and, from that standpoint, believes maybe the real “war on drugs” isn’t about guns and border control.

“Let’s face it,” opines Steele. “Mexico’s president Calderon is shifting much of the responsibility for the drug war onto us because of our nation’s appetite for drugs. This ties back to the need for our country and our administration to focus on dealing with our issues around treatment and prevention here at home.”

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