Jacob's Family Moves to Egypt, by Melissa Gibbs
Jacob's Family Moves to Egypt, Genesis 45:16-47-27


For today, we read the story of Joseph bringing his father's entire family to Egypt. The number 70 reflects only the blood line through the males. Daughters, daughters-in-law, and grand-daughters were not factored in, nor were servants or concubines. So the actual number of Israelites at that point, had to be somewhere around 150. And did you notice that Benjamin had 10 sons! I had assumed that he was far too young to have so many children. He wasn't a "boy" at all!

Because of the way God had blessed Joseph and enabled him to find favor with Pharoah, Joseph was able to spare his family, and the future nation of Israel, from dwindling by starvation. He had gained Pharoah's admiration to such a degree that Jacob and his descendants were given the best of the land in which to settle. He offered to hire them to shepherd his flocks, which were soon to be very substantial due to Joseph's shrewd managing. So while the rest of Egypt was turning all of their property over to Pharoah and becoming slaves, Jacob's family "acquired property, and they were fruitful, and their population grew rapidly". This laid the groundwork for the oppression of the Israelites in Egypt just 300 years later...the oppression from which Moses would eventually free them. They became so powerful, wealthy, and numerous due to Pharoah's warm welcome, (which was ultimately due to his affinity for Joseph... which was due to God's blessing upon him), that they were a threat to a future king.

Tomorrow's reading: Genesis 47:28-50:26

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