Joseph Interprets Dreams, by Melissa Gibbs

Joseph Interprets Dreams, Genesis 40-41

The amazing thing about Joseph is not that God empowered him to interpret dreams, but that he expected God to empower him to interpret dreams! When the cup-bearer and baker shared their dreams with him, seeking interpretation, Joseph said "Interpreting dreams is God's business. Go ahead and tell me your dreams." It almost sounds cocky, the confidence Joseph had in his ability to do this! And yet, according to verse 41:16, his confidence is not in his own ability but in God's. When Pharoah himself asked Joseph to interpret a disturbing dream, his response was, "It is beyond my power to do this, but God can tell you what it means and set you at ease". So Joseph had total confidence that God would equip him to carry out the task set before him. This is the part that amazes me. He expected God to come through for him. He accepted the assignment without hesitation because he knew God would give him the ability to accomplish what had been asked of him. Had he been me, he'd have never offered to interpret the dreams, because he'd have feared that God would not show up and he'd wind up looking like a fool. Oh, and he'd have rotted in jail instead of preserving the future of the nation of Israel by preventing their starvation. Joseph exhibited the kind of faith I aspire to. I want to approach God with that kind of confidence in my prayer life and in my service to Him. To think of the things I might attempt and the things I might pray for if I had real confidence that God would show up!

Tomorrow's reading: Genesis 42-45:15

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Melissa is the mother of four boys and the wife of her junior high sweetheart, JD.  He is the President of Joe Gibbs Racing and the son of NFL Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs.  JD and Melissa have been married 16 years and are actively involved with Young Life, Motor Racing Outreach, their church, and other ministries.  Their youngest son Taylor is nearing completion of a 3 year treatment protocol for leukemia, which has been a powerful faith walk for their family.  Since his diagnosis, Melissa has been called upon to share their family's testimony with many local churches. Much of her energy is now focused on a huge festival planned for mid May in celebration of Taylor's victory over leukemia and in effort to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer.  If you'd like to check out what she's up to while not blogging, go to


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