The Flood, by Melissa Gibbs

The Flood, Genesis 7-10

We've all read stories to our kids about Noah's ark. The little tug boat in the illustrations with the long giraffe neck sticking out the top seems fanciful at best. Given the way my mind works, I love to find evidence that supports the Biblical record. It's not that I don't believe without proof, but it is a big boost to my faith when the Bible is also proven to be accurate and plausible. Since we know God's Word is truth, science will one day catch up with the Bible and corroborate all that lies within it. So where science does not line up with the Bible, we have faith that it one day will. But in regard to the ark and flood, there actually is a considerable amount of outside support.

Would you be surprised to learn that hundreds of ancient civilizations have very similar stories of global flooding, a big boat, and a family that was spared to repopulate the earth? The oldest and most similar is from the Epic of Gilgamesh from the Babylonians. So many accounts of the same event, points to the fact that all the peoples of the earth, however dispersed, originated from one family who passed on the remarkable story of their survival. There are many more proofs than what I have the time or ability to communicate clearly, so I will list the most compelling and easily understood proofs...

Layers of fossils of different ages are often found mixed together in one layer of sediment or layered in the wrong orders. Evidence of massive disruption of the flood waters.

Marine fossils have been found on wide-spread mountain crests. No possible explanation but a massive flood.

Fossil graveyards (high concentrations of fossils) are found worldwide. Evidence of a sudden, catastrophic, global destruction.

Analysis of population growth show a zero population at the estimated time of the Biblical flood.

Genealogical records show that many European kings trace their lineage to Japeth, one of Noah's three sons. This is logical evidence for there being just 4 couples from whom the entire world was repopulated.

The oldest living organisms, the Sequoias and Redwoods, date back 3-4000 years, but there is nothing living that pre-dates the flood.

And the little tug-boat that housed all of the living creatures of the earth, was two-thirds the size of the Titanic! Given the measurements listed, it had the capacity of 2000 cattle cars, each of which could carry 18-20 cows or 60-80 hogs or 80 to 100 sheep. There are now 290 species of large animals, 757 species of mid-sized animals, and 1358 small animals. Two of each, plus the additional "clean" animals intended for animal sacrifices, could have comfortable fit on board. And dinosaurs, though they clearly did not survive long in the post-flood environment which invloved radical climate and topographic change, must have been on board. Juveniles of even the largest animals could easily have fit on board.

Noah's family was on the ark for just over a year (vs. 8:13-14) and arrived to a new covenant with God in which He gave man two distinctly new instructions. First, man was now able to eat meat. At the time of creation, back when "it was good", man was a vegetarian, as were all animals. Post-flood provisions provided for the addition of meat to the diets of man and beast. Secondly, God strictly prohibits murder and initiates capital punishment. Previously when Cain killed Abel, the killer (Cain) was merely excommunicated, but now God allowed for the death of such a person. Perhaps murder had become a prevalent problem in the pre-flood world. Before the giving of the Law to Moses, we don't hear of any regulations for man established by God. Given how depraved our society is, with laws in place to govern our behavior, can you even imagine what the human race would have looked like then, before rules or standards of morality? It must have been unbearable and irreversible for God to have resorted to such a radical solution.

But the most important component of the Noahic covenant was God's promise never to destroy the entire earth again by flood. The rainbow is a beautiful picture of that promise, as it only appears after rain. He could have chosen anything to use as a symbol of that promise, but chose to use something that required rain to produce it. This could mean many things, but it demonstrates to me that everything is under God's control. The same force of nature that was used for His judgement is now used as a symbol of His love. It's ironic and masterful.

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