Knowing is Half the Battle, by Vanessa

Knowing is Half the Battle, by Vanessa

“All he thinks about is sex!!”

With that grievance being uttered by so many women, you’d think we’d get the idea that it’s pretty common.  You know, we could stop complaining and start complying.  But no, we’d rather fuss about it than indulge in it and possibly (gasp) enjoy ourselves. 

I know that most men (not all, mind you, but most) don’t get what it takes to make a woman melt.  I realize that for many of them, their idea of getting their wife in the mood is a goofy smile and a not-so-sexy, “Wanna do it?”  The thing is, there’s very little we can do about that.  What we can do is try to understand them and meet them where they are, and then who knows what could happen from there.  It’s worth a shot!

How much do you know about how men work?  Did you know that a man has seventeen sexual glands, all located in one area?  Did you know that those glands are at work day and night?  Did you know that his body demands that what these glands produce be released?  Did you know that might have something to do with his always wanting IT?  Did you know that men were designed to be visually oriented and physically responsive?  And did you know if you have a problem with all of that, you need to take it up with your husband’s Maker?

Well, shoot.  Now we can’t all plead ignorance.

Sometimes you may not want to bother fixing a meal for yourself or your family, but food is a basic need so you do it.  Sometimes you may not want to do the dishes or the laundry, but not doing them simply creates a big ol’ mess.  You can be too tired to do those things, you could’ve had a long day before coming home to those tasks, there are other things you would rather be doing — but you still do them.  Why is it so easy to turn away our husbands?  Why do we even view sex with our husbands as a chore and, worse yet, one that’s more negotiable than any other?

We know that God does not want us to deprive our husbands.  If we didn’t already know, we know now that sex actually is a biological need for our husbands.  No more excuses.  Get off your high horse and ride that cowboy.

About Vanessa:

Because there’s more to me than two adorable little girls. There’s more to me than diaper changes. I’m more than bottles and sippy cups. More than cribs and high chairs.

I’m a Christian, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend.

I am a wife. A role I treasure, and a role I am always trying to improve upon.

And now, a role I am blogging about. That, and the other roles that make up my life. But mostly, being a wife and what comes with that. Consider yourself warned.


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