Is Your Heart Weighed Down Today? by Renee Peebles

Is Your Heart Weighed Down Today?

Luke 21:34 - Take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and the cares of this life and that Day come on you expectantly.

If I am honest, as a mother my heart gets weighed down with "cares". Hopefully not with drunkenness or carousing, but with the cares of this life concerning my family and friends.

In this season of my life my heart is weighed down with problems concerning my grandson, a loved one who is in jail (again), and the desire to see my children walking in the truth and living for Jesus. My heart is heavy for those who have recently lost loved ones in death. My heart aches for a mother and father who just found out their son died in a dreadful way. There is so much hurt and pain all around us. Yes, my heart is heavy with care.

Jesus tells us in His word to, "Cast all your cares upon me, for I careth for you". What a blessing! We have a burden bearer. We don't have to be weighed down by the cares of this world. We can come to our Savior and tell him about our cares, allowing Him to help us carry them and sometimes even allow Him to remove them all together.

When was the last time you fell to your knees before our Holy God and laid your heart open and bare before Him? I promise if you will take time each day to spend time with the burden bearer, you will rise up from your knees still caring, but confident in the ONE who holds everything in His hands.

About Renee Peebles:

Renee is passionate about her relationship with Christ, her family and homeschooling. She enjoys writing devotions and articles on homeschooling, family and God's Word.  Her desire is for every woman to know her value and worth in Christ Jesus and begin to walk in His truth.


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