How to Write or Tell a Story, by David Armstrong

How to Write or Tell a Story

Below is a detailed checklist which I use to write my stories.  I hope you find this helpful when writing your stories:

How I Write the Story:

  1. Find a heroic deed performed by a heroic person.
  2. List factual information.  Your stories should be true to hold meaning.
  3. Use a catchy title to capture the interest of the reader.
  4. Include several paragraphs (The Moral Of This Story) which summarize the story.  Emphasize those principles you want practiced within your company.
  5. Focus on one central theme in the summary, such as innovation, or customers, or vision, or quality, etc.
  6. Verify all the facts with persons in story.
  7. Keep each story one page in length.
  8. People like to see their names in print.  Use their names in your story.
  9. Use words that build mental images, so that readers can visualize characters and situations.
  10. Use simple words, sixth or seventh-grade reading level.
  11. Use dialogue to create the feeling of a story.
  12. Capitalize and use bold print on the first letter of the first word.
  13. Use titles and company name.
  14. Small paragraphs are better.
  15. Fewer words are better than more words.
  16. Quote yourself or someone famous.
  17. Bold print the first line of each moral to summarize the moral.
  18. Date your story.
  19. Don't forget your copyright!

Armstrong Proverbs to Live By:

Economy of scale is less profitable than niche pricing.

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