Donald Duck by David Armstrong

Donald DuckDonald Duck

You won't believe this story. But then again, maybe you will if you visit Armstrong International. Only a few days had passed since we started asking our visitors to sign in with Crayola Crayons, but that's another story in Chapter IV. People actually did it. They were having fun with it. They were using all the different colors.

Diane Reece, our receptionist, told me one day, "They're really having fun signing in. They are asking a lot of questions, and I'm explaining to them why we use crayons. I use the morals in your story, Crayola Crayons. You ought to see the people smile. I think they really get caught up in the fun and creativity. They know they have come to a special place."

"Look Diane." I pointed to the register. "Someone actually used an ink pen. Isn't it sad that some people are intimidated about using a crayon to sign in?'

"Yes, but very few use a pen."

After a few hours passed, I was given a message that Diane Reece would like to see me.

"Diane, you wanted to see me again?"          

"Yes, David, look at this!" She smiled.

She handed me our register. Two names appeared at the top of the page, but the rest of the page was covered with a cartoon sketch of Donald Duck.

"Wow! This is great, Diane. Who did it?"

"Gary Wiers did it just a few moments ago. I knew you would like it. Notice, he even colored it."

"Now there's a person who knows how to have fun and understands what Armstrong is all about," I replied, smiling.

The next day, Diane gave me a small picture frame and inside she put a reduced copy of the famous duck with Gary Wiers' signature. Diane knows what I like. I liked it so much, I put it in my office for all to see.

Maybe this is the best resume' I've ever seen.

©1998 Once told, they're gold


David M. Armstrong is Chief Executive Officer & President of Armstrong International, Inc., and has evolved into a highly renowned speaker, appearing on award-winning television programs that focus on business leadership. Armstrong has been heard on the airwaves across the United States, as his unique leadership abilities have been showcased in virtually every media venue.

Armstrong recently appeared on the "Leaders on Leadership" television program that aired to millions of viewers across the world. The "Leaders on Leadership" show has a list of previous guests that essentially consist of leaders that are a "who's who" in the business realm, having all led major well-known companies across the globe.

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