R.H.I.P. (Rank Has Its Privileges), by David Armstrong

R.H.I.P. (Rank Has Its Privileges)

You have stumbled upon a tragic story which involves yours truly.  ArmstrongArmey Steamstrong International had just introduced Armstrong Steam University on its web page.  The purpose of Armstrong Steam University is to impart knowledge on steam, condensate, and air through a series of courses.  If you feel brave, you can attempt to pass a series of tests.  If you pass all 7 tests with 100% you are rewarded with an Armstrong University T-shirt.  On the T-shirt is our famous character and web page course guide, Armey Steamstrong, who looks a little bit like Albert Einstein.  These T-shirts are in high demand.  Everybody wants one!

One day I found myself at the doorstep of our Web Master, Pam Blasius.  "Hi Pam.  Could I have one of the Armstrong Steam University T-shirts?"

"Uh, sure David.  You now you are supposed to take the tests before I give you a shirt."

"Yeah, I know.  I'm going to take the tests when I get home.  I just thought I would get the shirt now."

"Uh, OK.  What size do you need?"

"Why don't you give me a large?"

One week later I received a letter in the mail from David Collins, an Armstrong Representative.  The letter read:  "The grapevine has it that the Chief Operating Officer has received an Armstrong Steam University T-shirt without passing the test.  While I was in the Army we had a saying; R.H.I.P.--Rank Has Its Privileges.  David Armstrong is known for storytelling throughout the halls of Armstrong, does he also want to be known for R.H.I.P?"

The Moral of the Story

  1. "Lead us not into temptation".
    Remember this story I wrote in my first book, Managing By Storying Around? The morals to that story warned people not to be tempted to do things they know were wrong.  I took advantage of my authority and forced Pam to give me a T-shirt.  That was wrong.  Bravo David Collins for having the courage to set my moral compass back on target.  I went astray.  We as leaders are not perfect; we need brave souls to keep us from being corrupted by the power we posses.
  2. I knew better.
    I apologized to Pam Blasius and to all the other people who have taken the tests and passed them.  This story has been written to apologize to all who were cheated by my actions, and to give Pam Blasius the authority to refuse to give an Armstrong Steam University T-shirt to anyone who has not taken and passed all the tests with a 100% score.
  3. The end.
    Wait a minute.  The ending to this story has not been told.  Yes, I returned the Armstrong Steam University T-shirt to Pam Blasius.

© 2002 Chief Storytelling Officer


David M. Armstrong is Chief Executive Officer & President of Armstrong International, Inc., and has evolved into a highly renowned speaker, appearing on award-winning television programs that focus on business leadership. Armstrong has been heard on the airwaves across the United States, as his unique leadership abilities have been showcased in virtually every media venue.

Armstrong recently appeared on the "Leaders on Leadership" television program that aired to millions of viewers across the world. The "Leaders on Leadership" show has a list of previous guests that essentially consist of leaders that are a "who's who" in the business realm, having all led major well-known companies across the globe.

To learn more about David Armstrong and Armstrong International, visit www.armstronginternational.com and www.davidarmstrongauthor.com

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