The Weary and Worn, by Deborah Kirby
The Weary and Worn

The Weary and Worn

I truly don't care how many sisters I encountered that are broken, weary, and worn --- my message will always remain the same --- He is able! Do you hear me today? HE IS ABLE!

"Is My hand shortened at all, that it cannot redeem? or have I no power to deliver? Behold, at My rebuke I dry up the sea, I make the rivers a wilderness..."

The most difficult thing in life is to submit to the trials that come our way with the knowledge they are molding tools. Many do not know my testimony, but they will in time to come. I have been through extreme trials, one after another, my entire life beginning with difficult birth defects. I say this so you will know I speak not from a lofty place, but from a personal walk through deep valleys.

Our walk rests on Father as He transforms us, the broken, into His beloved redeemed. The Word says what HE begins, HE will be faithful to complete and that no man comes to Him, but that the Spirit draws him. When we gather this understanding deep into our hearts, we can then walk through uncontrollable situations with both power and compassion towards ourselves and for those around us. Father is more than able to cover and to keep that which belongs to Him as He takes us through the transformation process.

I will never be able to fully thank Him for not leaving me in my broken state. The refining and mending process was painful, but the pain gave birth to fruit; fruit for others to pick from, to eat, and to become refreshed in Him.

"But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold." Job 23:10

Hang on to Him with whatever strength you can muster in the knowledge that "those who trust in the Lord will find NEW strength." I can guarantee you that HE holds on to you with far greater strength and ability than you can begin to fathom! Let Him take hold of you with His strength.

I leave you with a visual picture today. I heard a teaching one time long ago that illumined "His hold" on us. The original words actually paint a picture not of a hand-in-hand hold -- but that of His mighty hand around our forearm with much strength. You see regardless of if you take hold of His forearm or not -- He has yours! If it was hand-in-hand depiction-- much would depend on our hand to take hold of His hand. But the Lord did not leave our safety and wholeness to us. (I am just about at shouting mode typing this!) HE HOLDS us regardless of our ability to hold onto Him back. For those of you out there beyond weary, you can greatly rejoice over this! I know. I well recall dark days not even having the strength to get out of the bed, much less hang on to Him, but He showed me He had me regardless! PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM!

Do you see why I love Him so? I want you to learn how to draw off Him in full measure, in full awareness of His love and promise to you! You can walk through anything if you fully understand who He is in your life. Let HIM show you today! Stop the self-reliance. Stop the white-knuckling. HE HAS YOU! HE HAS YOU!

I love you so much! And I delight to share your journey with you -- tears and all. He has taken me on a life long journey of redeeming my brokenness - right down to the physical -- and transformed me. It is my desire to walk the valleys with my siblings as He leads us to the mountain top. I cover you in prayer today, my precious siblings!

I look forward to meeting many of you in the days to come face to face, but I greatly rejoice that those I don't meet here, I have eternity to spend with you rejoicing in what Father has done in our lives!

Give HIM alone all the praise and adoration!


I am first and foremost a daughter of the Most High. He has blessed me with three maturing children, ages 12 years old through 7 years old, and a Christian husband who is my best friend. I spend my days home schooling my children, tending the 'home front', exploring God's Word, and lifting up my fellow sisters in Christ. I have a tremendous appetite for the Lord's Word and a desire to know Him to deep depths. As for my fellow sisters in the Lord, I have a passion to see them walking out their destinies in Christ. In all things, Give Him Praise!

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