Weariness..., by Deborah Kirby


I just recently sat with a very dear sister who is just plain weary and heavy with life. If you have not been at this place in life yet, rejoice! But today, we are going to be talking about ways to handle it.

First, may I say if you find yourself at the "breaking point", don't deny it and attempt to face it with a "stiff upper lip"! You will bust your stiff upper lip when you land squarely on your face! To deny weariness when it pounds about your head and your bones ache when you attempt to roll out of the bed is to deceive yourself. Let's not fall for deception! I have different counsel that will renew you.

Let's begin in Psalms...........

My life dissolves and weeps itself away
from heaviness;
Raise me up and strengthen me
according to Your word.
Remove from me the way
of falsehood and unfaithfulness,
and graciously impart Your law to me.
Psalms 119:28-29

So we see hear the psalmist's honest confession to Father over his current condition....heaviness. Then we see the psalmist bring before Father a reminder: "Raise me up and strengthen me according to Your word." He also petitions, "graciously impart Your law to me." My friend, HIS WORD is something you can stand on! Every time I bring to my loving Father a reminder of His promise, I see Him smile at me. It delights Him for us to speak His Word to Him, not because He doesn't know it, but because it demonstrates to Him that we know it! You can't remind Him of something you don't know -- and you can't know something you haven't taken the time to study! Be in the WORD, sibling! Be in the Word!

Once the psalmist refreshed himself in the Lord, we find a beautiful petition: "Remove from me the way....." This petition let's us know the psalmist recognizes that there are things that caused his weariness and heaviness. He calls them out as falsehood and unfaithfulness. Two things that will get us into the ditch quicker than anything.

Call the thing what it is! Don't dress it up or attempt to disguise it. The entire 119 Chapter of Psalm is a beautiful depiction of absolute truth "in the raw" coupled to bold proclamations of God's ability and promise. One can never go wrong being completely truthful -- and that includes TO ourselves! Let God work and renew you THROUGH the honest confession.

Secondly, let me address unfaithfulness, at least in part. Doing things we shouldn't... whether "noble" or not... are not helpful, but detrimental. Often times, Christians in particular will find themselves saying "yes" to a great number of things, feeling this compulsion that "doing" equals "brownie points". I have a statement I use often when I teach: "Noble things done outside the will of God are wrong! And they need to be laid down."

Few people today live their life with "margin" or better understood as the concept of balance. What would happen if.........
Running around "doing" when He has not specifically asked you to lay your hands to something will suck the life out of you in rapid fashion. Be careful what you say "yes" to! Go before Father and ask Him, "Is this something you desire of me?"

...... we truly lived life with Him being FIRST through our ACTIONS?

Come one now -- remember --- honesty pays off!
It brings forth GROWTH!

A foolish man gets up with a pre-set agenda and "tackles" the day.
A wise man starts the day out with Him
and then commits to walk the day out the way HE directs,
not according to their own thoughts or their own plans.

I have shared in the past that I truly consult the Lord at the beginning of every day concerning my daily details. If He does not give me permission to scrub the toilets, I don't scrub the toilets. That is not to say the toilets won't get scrubbed at some point. They just won't get scrubbed on my time-table. It is a radical adjustment to live life in such a manner in the beginning, but completely freeing and ordered once the skill is learned. And if there is one thing I know, it brings a sense of balance and removes the compulsion to "preform" or strive in my own efforts. Again, let me be perfectly clear -- we each have "duties" that must be done (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.) in order that we live, but WHEN we are to do them will determine the degree of balance and ease by which they are done.

Let me give you another example that happened just recently. I was emailed last Monday about attending a small group from our church on the upcoming Sunday evening. I couldn't think of a reason to say "no", but then I asked the Lord. I immediately felt arrested by the Spirit and held off my answer. Two days later, I received an email from someone that I needed to spend time with. When they suggested times, their only availability was Sunday evening. I rejoiced that the Lord had led me in this way, for yet again, He directed my path. But it only occurred when I consulted Him. Don't miss this pivotal point! How many "divine appointments" have we missed by not consulting Him on seemingly meaningless things? Let's be found faithful before Him, laying down our agendas and our thoughts, and doing what HE desires; ONLY then will we find our "tanks" full and the "ease" of going in His power.

Loving you, my sibling in Christ,


I am first and foremost a daughter of the Most High. He has blessed me with three maturing children, ages 12 years old through 7 years old, and a Christian husband who is my best friend. I spend my days home schooling my children, tending the 'home front', exploring God's Word, and lifting up my fellow sisters in Christ. I have a tremendous appetite for the Lord's Word and a desire to know Him to deep depths. As for my fellow sisters in the Lord, I have a passion to see them walking out their destinies in Christ. In all things, Give Him Praise!

You can visit Deborah at www.joyinthemorning.com.

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