May His Grace Abound, by Deborah Kirby

I awoke this morning and laid quietly in the bed, gathering my thoughts. One of my string of thoughts went something like this:

"Travis (good music friend of ours) is coming to town next weekend. Now that vacation was pushed out, we could at least go to the church that is bringing him in town and say 'hi'. But that's right --- Brian is playing somewhere else that weekend. Rats. Oh well, Travis said he wants to get together in May when he makes it back in to town. Do we go out to eat or eat here? We haven't found a dining room outfit we like yet.... but then again.... one wall of the dining room is littered with home school books. Ugh. Will I always have schooling books surrounding me? Stop that!"

Then I began grieving the day when my kids will be gone and the books won't be lining the wall. I am willing to bet I would trade the dining room outfit to have the books back!

We are a funny people, are we not? Varying elements that surround our lives in the moment can seemingly, and very easily, send us down a path of complaint. But the day will come when those very elements, upon reflection, bring us lament for the by-gone day.

I have been sitting downstairs for some time this morning in the presence of the Lord. The whole house is quiet. Since the time change, the little people have been "sleeping in" until 8:00 -- such a blessing for those who are home schooled. We are blessed to by-pass the bus schedules.

At moments like this, I am ever so thankful I am blessed to enjoy the quiet, knowing the house will be full of noise very soon as they begin to wake up. This will not always be the case. Time shifts and moves on. The one thing time does not do is STOP. Even in the mundane or a "waiting season", it is moving -- and as my grandma used to say, "This too will pass."

So my prayer for you this day is that you wrap yourself in the full garment of His GRACE today, knowing that whatever comes at you this day will be a "by-gone" day of tomorrow. Don't wish it way --- don't complain it away -- and don't FRET it away! Give Him praise that He HOLDS your day...... this day!

Vocally proclaim, "Father, I confess I am feeling __________, but it is not my desire that 'feelings' direct me. You are above all. Jesus has wrapped His garments of righteousness round about me. I am surrounded by His love, protection, and grace. I am not orphaned --- but am fully Yours. My days are ordered by You. And in You do I find my rest! Amen!"

Let's guard our thoughts and be diligent to STOP unhealthy thoughts that seek to discourage or bring complaint! Go out, dear sibling, and walk this day as a conqueror through Christ! Drink deeply of His rest -- regardless of circumstance! HE HAS YOU!

"The Lord bless you and keep you.
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
and be gracious unto you.
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
and give you PEACE."
Numbers 6:24-26

Love you!


I am first and foremost a daughter of the Most High. He has blessed me with three maturing children, ages 12 years old through 7 years old, and a Christian husband who is my best friend. I spend my days home schooling my children, tending the 'home front', exploring God's Word, and lifting up my fellow sisters in Christ. I have a tremendous appetite for the Lord's Word and a desire to know Him to deep depths. As for my fellow sisters in the Lord, I have a passion to see them walking out their destinies in Christ. In all things, Give Him Praise!

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