The Field, the Gardener...the Till, by Deborah Kirby
The Field, the Gardener...the Till

The Field, the Gardener...the Till

This morning before my head ever arose from my pillow, Father and I were conversing. Mornings are such sweet and tender times with Him. At some point, I asked Him a question that sparked Him telling me a story. I love a good story, and in this one, He even shared pictures!

What laid out before me was glorious! I often think to myself how grand it would be to have the talent of an artist. There have been a number of times in my life when Father has shown me a picture that I simply craved the ability to transfer to paper.

Nevertheless, I shall try to share what the Father laid out because I believe many of my siblings will well relate to it.

In the beginning, I saw a field growing wild with tall grasses and weeds. In truth, the field looked beautiful from a distance with the swaying grasses in the wind. But “as is", it could not produce a harvest of anything but wild grasses and weeds. The field represents a life, a soul.

Along came a Gardener and bought the plot of land, expanding His ever growing Kingdom. At first, the Gardener mowed the tall grasses and weeds down. He spent time on the land. He walked every square inch, studying it and making plans for it. He would pull a weed here and there, but for the most part, He simply tended to it by mowing it and caring for it gently. His care certainly improved the short-term appearance of the land, but did nothing concerning the usability of the land.

But that initial season, had significant purpose. During that time, the land learned the Gardener's touch and a bit about His ways. Then one day, the appointed time came. The Gardener pulled out His tiller, for it was now time to prepare the land for the seeds that would bring a harvest. As the tiller struck the ground, the land winced. Breaking the ground proved rough and uncomfortable, yet the land had learned enough about the Gardener's ways, such that though it winced at the endeavor, it was compelled to believe the Gardener had a great plan. Deep down the land knew it was far better to have His hand active upon it, than to sit dormant and untended. As the Gardener tilled the land, rocks were exposed that were then removed.

But there were times, the tiller would hit something that seemed to be fixed in place. By virtue of the fact that it would not budge indicated sizable mass, a boulder, if you will. In the beginning, the boulder appeared small because only the “tip” of the rock was exposed by the tiller. The Gardener then stopped tilling and began to tend to the ground surrounding the mass, carefully digging away at the soil until the boulder was exposed and the soil relinquished it's hold on it.

In love, the Gardener will not stop until the boulder is removed. He then will start the tiller back up and continue the preparation of the land until the land is purged and ready for the harvest seed.

Brother and sister, I pray this story that Father shared with me this morning speaks to you as well. We one time or the other..... have or had the rocks and boulders in our fields. Perhaps you know someone who is experiencing the tiller, or perhaps you are the one experiencing it. May I loudly and clearly say, "Take heart! You are not alone!" The Father has many children (many plots of land) to purge and prepare. Praise be, the Gardener will complete what He has begun. Though it is not entirely pleasant, it is profoundly necessary that we work with Him to empty ourselves of life's baggage and bondages (the rocks and boulders), such that we, as a land plot in His Kingdom, are then able to yield a harvest FOR HIM!

Embrace the till, precious sibling! It is but for a season! Seed and harvest time cometh!

Much love!

I am first and foremost a daughter of the Most High. He has blessed me with three maturing children, ages 12 years old through 7 years old, and a Christian husband who is my best friend. I spend my days home schooling my children, tending the 'home front', exploring God's Word, and lifting up my fellow sisters in Christ. I have a tremendous appetite for the Lord's Word and a desire to know Him to deep depths. As for my fellow sisters in the Lord, I have a passion to see them walking out their destinies in Christ. In all things, Give Him Praise!

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