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Those Unspeakable Words, by Greg Baer, M.D....All our lives we’ve had to earn the approval of others by being obedient, cooperative, clever, responsible, and so on, and we have ample evidence that if we fall below a certain standard in any of those areas, people really will withdraw their approval. Over and ...
Bitterness: The Root of Unteachablility, by Michael TrilloWith self-protection comes an unteachable heart. It’s interesting that regardless of how determined someone is in their minds to learn, a broken and bitter heart will...
Worship Pastor Overcame Addiction, Leads Others to Wholeness in ChristWorship Pastor Overcame Addiction, Leads Others to Wholeness in ChristEnormously gifted as a worship leader, yet living a secret life of addiction, Matt Tommey now uses his art as a way to connect with God and lead others into personal and creative wholeness.
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