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Making Mistakes, by Greg Baer, M.D.It’s ironic, then, that we generally paint mistakes with such a heavy brush of dishonor and shame. When other people make mistakes...
Bitterness: The Root of Unteachability, by Michael TrilloWith self-protection comes an unteachable heart. It’s interesting that regardless of how determined someone is in their minds to learn, a broken and bitter heart will...
Ashram Encounter with Jesus Led to SalvationAshram Encounter with Jesus Led to SalvationMy years after high school centered upon work during the week and partying on Balboa Island on the weekends. A weekend party began early Friday night and ended sometime late Sunday. My house became one of the hot spots in Newport Beach for some five years. But one day I grew tired of all the drinking and one night stands and thought it was about time I got married.
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