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THE PRODIGAL SON REALLY DOES RETURN! New Film Places Classic Tale in Modern TimesIt is one of the most recognized, revered and moving parables in scriptures—perhaps because it is one of the most grounded stories of humility, repentance and reconciliation to which virtually anyone can make an emotional connection. It is the parable of the Prodigal Son. Now, in an endeavor to reconnect people to the story like never before...
Christian Answer to the Oscars Honors "Courageous" and King James DocumentaryChristian Answer to the Oscars Honors "Courageous" and King James Documentary“King James” and a bunch of “Courageous” Cops, were among the winners at the 20th Annual Movieguide® Faith and Values Gala in Hollywood, California, on Friday, February 10, 2012. Winner of the $100,000 Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring TV Program of 2011, supported by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, was KJB: The Book that Changed the World from BBC Two, the extraordinary story behind the most extraordinary of books
Aimee Semple McPherson Comes to BroadwayAimee Semple McPherson Comes to BroadwayIt’s been a 13-year effort, but Kathy Lee Gifford’s dream of a Broadway musical about 1920s’ female evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson soon becomes a reality.  Gifford made the announcement as a co-host of the"Today Show.”
Movie Review: Here Comes the BoomMovie Review:  Here Comes the BoomScott Voss goes through the motions of teaching biology in a public school in Boston.  Neither the school nor the neighborhood is exactly run down, but both have seen better days.  Scott, played by Kevin James, places the educational blame on the system, which neither speeds up for the gifted kids, nor slows down for the kids who need more time.  After all, the goal seems to be to send bodies through the system.

Movie Review: “Atlas Shrugged Part II”Movie Review:  “Atlas Shrugged Part II”It’s no coincidence that “Atlas Shrugged Part II” was released just a few weeks before the Presidential election.  Just as Part I carries a sense of déjà vu as real life politicians subvert economic law to gain more influence, Part II brings a sense of foreboding.  We get a picture of what the consequences may be if we let momentum have its way.
Is Nicolas Cage the New Kirk Cameron?Is Nicolas Cage the New Kirk Cameron?Nicolas Cage has a chance to fill Kirk Cameron’s shoes in a remake of Left Behind.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage is in talks for the lead role.
Movie Review: "Little Red Wagon"Movie Review:  "Little Red Wagon"Zach Bonner is a very unusual little boy.  He’s not like most of the kids you meet or see on TV or in the movies.  This eight year-old has a tender heart.
“The Hobbit” Debuts December 14th“The Hobbit” Debuts December 14thThe first time I heard about “The Hobbit,” I was in junior high, I believe around ninth grade.  That was the first time English teachers expected us to analyze the “theme” of a book.  It sounded scary for a science and math kid like me.
Movie Review: "The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey"Movie Review:  "The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey"

Favorite actors from the Lord of the Rings trilogy join Martin Freeman as the new Bilbo in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  It is a prequel to the Ring adventures and with director Peter Jackson at the helm, delivers on its high promises.

Movie Review: "Les Misérables"Movie Review:  "Les Misérables"“Les Misérables” is a story of grace in a world where grace rarely makes an appearance.  The movie begins in 1815. There is still a lot of hatred and resentment left over from the French Revolution, which began 26 years earlier.
Movie Review: "Safe Haven"Movie Review:  "Safe Haven"It's almost Valentine's Day.  And you know what happens then.  Romantic books made into movies dominate the multiplexes.  That same author who gave us The Notebook has something special for us this year.  Nicholas Sparks presents Julianne Hough, formerly of Dancing with the Stars, in a captivating love story with Josh Duhamel.  You have to wait till Valentine's Day to see it, but you can listen to our review now.
Kathy Lee Gifford Costs Four Square Church an Estimated $2 MillionKathy Lee Gifford Costs Four Square Church an Estimated $2 MillionAimee Semple McPherson was born too early to be called a televangelist, but she was radio's equivalent.  Join Steve Eastman as he tells us about the rise and fall of the Broadway musical Scandalous, based on the ups and downs in the life of Aimee Semple McPherson.
"American Bible Challenge" Has New Look for Season 2"American Bible Challenge" Has New Look for Season 2The Game Show Network (GSN) is announcing the lineup of competitors for the second season of its hugely successful original series The American Bible Challenge.  Jeff Foxworthy hosts this one-hour game show in which contestants compete based on their knowledge of the Bible.
More Than 50 Million People Have Seen ‘The Bible’ to DateMore Than 50 Million People Have Seen ‘The Bible’ to DateMore than 50 million people in the US and Canada have watched the first two installments of the epic miniseries THE BIBLE — and the excitement continues to build for TV’s hottest show with this Sunday’s arrival of Jesus and the stories of the New Testament.
History Channel’s Satan Looks Like Obama, but Producers Deny Ulterior MotivesHistory Channel’s Satan Looks Like Obama, but Producers Deny Ulterior MotivesLast night’s episode of The Bible mini-series surprised many viewers with actor Mehdi Ouzaani’s resemblance to Barack Obama.
“American Bible Challenge” Begins Second Season“American Bible Challenge” Begins Second SeasonIt's a one of a kind quiz show that's really making its mark.  The American Bible Challenge returns to the Game Show Network Thursday, March 21st at 9 PM Eastern and Pacific.
Some Big Names Tied to Movie Version of "Heaven Is for Real"Some Big Names Tied to Movie Version of "Heaven Is for Real"A New York Times best-selling book is about to become a movie about the supernatural — God's kind.  Oscar nominated actor Greg Kinnear is in negotiations to play the role of the preacher father of a three year-old boy who was at death's door.  But Colton Burpo lived to tell about his visit to Heaven.  And wait till you hear about the film's producers!
Christian Bale Expected to Be the Next MosesChristian Bale Expected to Be the Next MosesDeadline Hollywood is reporting director Ridley Scott and Fox want ex-Batman Christian Bale to play Moses in a new movie called Exodus.
Christian Filmmakers, the Kendrick Brothers, Going into Business for ThemselvesChristian Filmmakers, the Kendrick Brothers, Going into Business for ThemselvesThe producers of some of today's most popular Christian movies are making a career change — consulting for would be filmmakers.  But don't expect their string of spiritual hits to grind to a halt.
Movie Review: "After Earth"Movie Review:  "After Earth"Sci-fi adventure and in search of a better father-son relationship ... After Earth has it all, premiering Friday, May 31st nationwide, starring Will Smith and his son Jaden.
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