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Sweden May Allow for Easier Government Abduction of Home-Schooled ChildrenSweden May Allow for Easier Government Abduction of Home-Schooled ChildrenA leader of Sweden’s Liberal Party last week called for a change in the country’s social services law so that the government can take children away from home-schooling families more easily by allowing social workers to do so. The call for the change comes amidst already stringent penalties in Sweden for home schooling.
Ron Paul Launches Home Schooling ProgramRon Paul Launches Home Schooling ProgramWhen he retired from Congress in January, few believed that Libertarian icon Ron Paul would go quietly into the night, and they have once again been proven correct with the announcement that the three time presidential candidate is set to launch his own home schooling program.
Home School Family Wins in Nebraska Supreme CourtHome School Family Wins in Nebraska Supreme CourtThe Nebraska Supreme Court recently ruled that a family who had waited to begin homeschooling their five children until after the public schools were in session was not guilty of truancy. Eric Thacker and Gail Morgan-Thacker were accused of violating the Nebraska compulsory attendance law in 2011 because they waited until November of that year to start homeschooling.
FramedFramedLanguage is important to God. Yet, many drift through life without any real dialogue with a God Who desires to be personal.
The Gift of “How to Learn”The Gift of “How to Learn”Early in homeschooling, I read the biography of American physicist Robert Oppenheimer, the Director of the Manhattan Project, who was responsible for assembling and leading the team that developed and detonated the first atomic bomb. True, Oppenheimer was a genius, but it was his “immersion method of learning” that struck me.
Lessons From Moses: How to Teach Our Children to Give Excellent ReportsLessons From Moses: How to Teach Our Children to Give Excellent ReportsThe story of Moses sending out the twelve spies to scout out the Promised Land is one of my favorite accounts in Scripture. This story has it all — intrigue and adventure, suspense and drama, rebellion and obedience, faith and treachery, blessing and cursing — even lessons for homeschooling parents on how to teach.
No, It Doesn’t Take a Village, but . . .No, It Doesn’t Take a Village, but . . .No, it doesn’t take a village to raise a child. It takes a committed family unit to raise a child. However, the judicious use of community resources can add a lot to the home base. We always said that our home was the heart of our homeschooling, but most of our learning occurred out in the larger community.
The Music of Language: How Poetry Can Benefit the Aspiring Writer The Music of Language:  How Poetry Can Benefit the Aspiring Writer  Poetry is one of the most underrated forms of written communication today. There are several reasons for this. One is that most modern poetry that is exalted today is not fit to be read, either because of the blatantly irreverent ideas expressed or because of the poor craftsmanship of the poem.
Toys That Teach—Playing to LearnToys That Teach—Playing to LearnAsk children, “What is a toy?” and they will quickly reply, “It is something to play with, fun, and used over and over again.” Then ask adults, “What is a toy?” and often they will think of things seen in a store display or even reflect about their favorite toy while growing up. Such a simple question may sound silly, but it is really essential.
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